Mercaz Har HaBayith - Temple Mount Center

Mercaz Activities

Our Purpose

The Har HaBayith (Temple Mount) Center was established to arouse the Nation's heart towards the Beith HaMikdash - The Holy Temple, and to awaken the jewsih people that we may build the Temple now.

Shiurim, Classes and Lectures

In addition to the model of the Third Temple and the maps, photographs, etcetera which are on display, we are available to give lectures and slide shows on many topics related to the Beith HaMikdash - the Holy Temple - as well as other topics related to Judaism. Some topics on which we lecture are:

  • Location of the Temple
  • Explanation of the Second and Third Temple
  • Slide show of the Temple Mount
  • The Laws of Aliya to Har HaBayit
  • Tuma v'tahara (Laws of ritual purity)

A special lecture can be arranged for your group. A payment is required.

We have also had classes on Tanach and on the book Mishcenei Elion (Ramchal (Luzatto)'s book on the Third Temple. We will be glad to arrange ongoing classes if there is sufficient interest, either in Hebrew or in English.

Outside of Israel

Rabbi Rogin will be in New York in the beginning of January and in Los Angeles from January to March. There may be a possibility to arrange for lectures in the United States during those times. He may consider going abroad to give lectures at other times, with the understanding that all expenses must be covered.

Other Activities

The Temple Mount Center in conjunction with Mishmar HaMikdash (the Temple Guard) organizes several other activities designed to raise Mikdash awareness and to advance us towards the time when we can build the Temple:
Tour of the Gates of Har HaBayith (Temple Mount) (from the outside)
A Day in Jerusalem and Other Tours
Tour Inside the Temple Mount (For Halachic permissibility see Hebrew or English)
Classes and Shiurim

Machon Hakorbanot (Institute for Preparation for the Sacrifices) has joined forces with Mishmar Hamikdash and Mercaz Har HaBayith to train Cohanim (priests) to resume their functions in the Beith HaMikdash.

For details and additional information call:

We are a non-profit organization, please help us out with a donation.


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