Aliya to Har HaBayit - A Visit Inside the Temple Mount

Har HaBayit is open to Jews and Tourists on Sunday to Thursday from approximately 7:30-10:30 A.M. and 12:30-1:30 P.M. in the winter. Summer hours are the same in morning, but 1:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon. This varies according to decisions made by the Police on a daily basis.

According to Halacha (Jewish Law), a Jew who has properly immersed in the Mikveh (ritual bath) is allowed to enter certain areas of the Temple Mount, and is forbidden to enter other areas even though he is a Tomei Met (defiled by contact with a dead body).

  • See our article on Halachic Permissibility of entering Har HaBayit in Hebrew or in English

It is strongly advised that at least on the first visit, one be accompanied by someone familiar with the forbidden areas and the rules of conduct on the Temple Mount.

Gentiles who wish to visit The Temple Mount are strongly advised to read the section on conduct on the Temple Mount. Just as in the Time that the Temple was standing, Gentiles should refrain from entering the inner areas of the Temple (as do religious Jews in these times). They should either go barefoot, or with just socks. Some Rabbis permit wearing non-leather shoes. As a practical matter, there is often broken glass, and for that reason, socks may be preferable to barefoot. Gentiles need not immerse in the Mikveh (ritual bath), nor does it purify them.

In general, one of us goes up to Har HaBayit every day at 7:30 and will gladly accompany you on your visit, pointing out the places where it is forbidden to go and explaining the various places on Har HaBayit. This is done as a public service without payment. To make certain that on a particular day there will be someone to accompany you, please call ahead of time. It is particularly important to call in advance if you don't understand Hebrew.

Someone who would like a guide for a visit at a later time should call us. This may require a payment.

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